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People Buried at
St. Phillips

Name Born Died Sect/Block Row/Lot
Akey, Elisa //1878 //1917 South
Akey, Eva (child) // July/14/1901 NM
Akey, Frank L. Apr/4/1881 Aug/16/1966 South
Akey, Gertrude //1894 Jan/20/1927 NM
Akey, Howard July/23/1906 Sept/17/1968 South
Akey, Infant of Ernest // May/14/1915 NM
Akey, Infant of Ernest Sept/1/1916 Sept/1/1916 NM
Akey, Infant of Oliver // Feb/5/1895 NM
Akey, John Aug/12/1840 Aug/20/1930 North
Akey, Joseph // Oct/6/1884 NM
Akey, Lawrence L. May/15/1897 Sept/30/1918 South
Akey, Leander // Jan/11/1886 NM
Akey, Lila M. (infant) Jan//1893 Mar/10/1893
Akey, Margaret Mar/3/1869 Aug/4/1956 South
Akey, Marguerite May/24/1907 Nov/6/2005
Akey, Marie R. Nov/21/1905 Jan/5/1966 South
Akey, Mary (infant) Apr/4/1877 Apr/5/1877 North
Akey, Moses (infant) // Mar/20/1888 NM
Akey, Mrs. Frank July/20/1884 Jan/25/1920 NM
Akey, Peter S. July/8/1864 Jan/14/1932 South
Akey, Priscilla Sept/25/1845 Mar/11/1922 North
Akey, Rose May/18/1823 Apr/17/1904 NM
Akey, Theodore (infant) // Mar/26/1888 NM
Akey, William H. (infant) May/20/1961 May/22/1961 NM
Andres, Matilda W. //1912 Apr/10/1925 NM
Andres, Mrs. ? // Apr/22/1894
Anik, Martha //1865 May/27/1893
Arnold, Catherine //1890 Mar/21/1900
Arnold, Carl 'Charles' Nov/4/1839 Jan/14/1907
Aron, Frank Anton (infant) Aug//1904 Oct/8/1904 NM
Aron, Infant of Peter // Jun/21/1905 NM
Aulthofer, Mary //1829 Apr/24/1887 NM
Babby, Fred (infant) // Dec/8/1893 NM
Babby, Joseph (infant) May//1887 Sept/27/1887 NM
Bankenbusch, Francis J. (child) //1902 Sept/24/1905 NM
Bates, Adele Sept/8/1865 July/10/1912
Baughman, Ella // Mar/9/1922 NM
Baughman, Josephine //1878 Aug/8/1903 NM
Baughman, Rollie //1884 Mar/11/1922
Belanger, Cesnorina // May/22/1917 NM
Bell, Russell Sr. //1893 Sept/29/1951
Benson, Theo (infant) Feb/6/1911 Feb/7/1911 NM
Bissig, Jost // Oct/24/1899
Blair, Elmer // Aug/16/1904 NM
Blonien, Eva //1855 Mar/9/1935 NM
Blonien, Elmer //1914 July/16/1942 NM
Blonien, Henry //1860 Mar/29/1942 NM
Blonien, John (infant) // Apr/21/1911 NM
Bower, Herman //1869 Aug/31/1921 NM
Boyce, Francis (infant) //1905 Jan/31/1906
Boyce, Frank //1838 Jan/28/1906 North
Boyce, Joseph M. // Sept/24/1914 NM
Boyce, Pauline Nov/10/1842 Sept/6/1911 North
Boyer, Agnes (infant) // May/3/1889 NM
Boyer, Burton // // North
Boyer, Chloe // // North
Boyer, Mabel // // North
Brandl, David May/3/1963 Aug/4/1990
Brys, Joseph //1907 Sept/24/1914
Brys, Leona Jun/4/1840 May/28/1913 South
Brys, Morris //1907 //1914 South
Brys, Philipina // Sept/9/1911
Buckowski, Michael // May/25/1895 NM
Bullis, William (infant) // July/9/1907 NM
Bushmaker, Infant Aug/26/1912 Aug/26/1912 NM
Bushmaker, Infant // Nov/23/1919 NM
Bushmaker, John //1852 Nov/11/1922
Bushmaker, Maryanna (infant) Apr/25/1920 Apr/26/1920 NM
Bushmaker, Mrs. John //1857 Nov/17/1948
Bushman, William Feb/27/1872 Nov/15/1940 NM
Bushman, Winnie Jan/10/1875 May/22/1937 NM
Cantera, Frank // July/24/1901
Captain, Peter Apr/22/1891 May/6/1910 NM
Casper, Mrs. George //1906 Dec/28/1966
Casper, Mrs. Joseph //1864 July/12/1946
Casper, Peter H. Aug/13/1898 Sept/13/1918 North
Clauben, Anna // //1887 North
Coddere, Adelia Apr/21/1855 Sept/10/1935 South
Coddere, Peter //1847 Sept/25/1931 South
Coddere, Infant of Anders // Oct/17/1895 NM
Collins (Akey), Gertrude Apr/6/1893 Jan/22/1927
Colombo, Frank (infant) Jun//1891 Aug/15/1891 NM
Colombo, Infant of August // Aug/31/1895 NM
Colombo, Mary A. (infant) // Sept/24/1889 NM
Colombo, Mary Alvina (infant) Jan//1886 Aug/21/1886 NM
Corey, Mrs. William // Apr/16/1906
Coss, Henry //1888 Mar/2/1899
Crotteau, Cleophus // Sept/6/1894
Crotteau, Edward P. Oct/22/1906 Jun/12/1978
Crotteau, Elmer B. //1879 Nov/21/1954 South
Crotteau, Emma // Apr/1/1882 North
Crotteau, Eveline Jun/27/1852 Apr/28/1936 North
Crotteau, Francis Sept/29/1811 Jan/28/1906 NM
Crotteau, Gloria // Mar/7/1962
Crotteau, Infant of Jasper // May/29/1886 NM
Crotteau, Israel // July/23/1907
Crotteau, Israel Jan/5/1838 July/20/1909 North
Crotteau, Leonice (infant) Dec/24/1908 Sept/12/1909 South
Crotteau, Mary (infant) Feb//1906 Sept/15/1907 NM
Crotteau, Felice Jun/30/1837 Sept/28/1911 NM
Crotteau, Ralph July/1/1887 Mar/28/1947 North
Crotteau, Simon Nov/18/1847 Feb/21/1909 North
Crotteau, Maria T. Jun/30/1883 Dec/29/1908 South
Cummings, Frank // Aug/18/1895
Cummings, John // Feb/27/1893
Cummings, Mrs. Frank // Jun/24/1894
Czapinski, Joseph (infant) // Mar/25/1889 NM
DeByl, Anthony //1867 July/30/1944
DeByl, Anton (infant) Jun/2/1844 July/30/1844 South
DeByl, George // Oct/31/1901 NM
DeByl, Maryann //1849 Aug/10/1935 South
DeByl, Theodore //1888 July/16/1919 South
Dee, Brigit // Oct/4/1897 NM
Demars, Joe (infant-twin) // Feb/5/1903 NM
Demars, Mrs. Jacob // Aug/6/1900 NM
Demars, Peter (infant-twin) // Feb/5/1903 NM
Demith, Arnold //1919 Jan/29/1947
Demski, Peter // Dec/26/1903 North
Dickson, Catherine Mar/13/1865 Sept/3/1943 NM
Digecka, Matthew (infant) // Feb/27/1886
Dixon, Helen //1893 Nov/16/1922
Dixon, James //1891 Mar/16/1955
Dixon, Walter //1865 Sept/3/1943
Dupee, George Apr/11/1872 Apr/22/1906 NM
Dupuis, Male infant of Jos. Jan//1891 Aug/31/1891 NM
Dziennik, Thaddeus (infant) Feb//1900 Sept/8/1900 NM
Ebacher, Clarinda Oct/27/1869 Apr/4/1947 North
Ebacher, Infant of Joseph // Apr/14/1903 NM
Ebacher, Joseph Apr/15/1869 Dec/27/1930 North
Ebacher, Leo E. Oct/2/1891 Dec/11/1907 North
Ebacher, Percy //1899 Feb/21/1971
Ethier, Joseph Feb/22/1823 Oct/6/1884 North
Ethier, Rose D. May/18/1823 Apr/17/1904 North
Fiechter, Marie Feb/3/1883 Oct/29/1949 North
Filiatreau, Ernest E. // Feb/2/1881 North
Filiatreau, F. (Charles) // Nov/26/1885 North
Filiatreau, Octave May/10/1852 May/27/1887 NM
Filiatreau, Sophie // Sept/3/1902 NM
Finnegan, William J. Jan//1866 Oct/6/1949 NM
Fitzgerald, John //1829 Jun/4/1904 NM
Flaig, John // Jan/19/1898 NM
Fontaine, Louis // Aug/1/1887 NM
Fontaine, Mary // Dec/8/1890 NM
Fontaine, Thomas/Damase Mar/19/1829 Nov/22/1898 NM
Fontaine, Eleanor/Vanora Mar/21/1823 Mar/13/1906 North
Foote, George (infant) Dec/10/1886 Dec/12/1886 NM
Fountain, Paul Sept/1/1860 Mar/8/1944 South
Fountain, Rose Jun/14/1865 Dec/24/1954 South
Fox, Infant of Charles // Dec/12/1893 NM
Fox, Infant of Ed // Nov/17/1918 NM
Franzen, John // Sept/9/1913 NM
Fredrick, Mrs. Herman // July/29/1901
Fritsche, Joan // July/2/1900
Fritsche, John //1869 Dec/22/1951
Fritsche, Lewis Elmer //1897 July/1/1900 NM
Fuller, Patricia (infant) July/13/1948 July/14/1948 South
Fuller, Phillip J. (infant) Jun/9/1963 Jun/16/1963 South
Gerbers, Herman // May/18/1904 NM
Gerbers, Infant of August // Jun/25/1917 NM
Gerbers, Teresa // July/8/1900 NM
Giebels, Lavirge //1931 Apr/27/1971
Giebels, Mrs. Charles // Sept/1/1965
Glaza, Clara Dec/23/1907 Aug/3/1988
Glouhan, Mrs. Peter // Mar/13/1888 NM
Gokey, Angelica Aug/4/1807 Oct/9/1898 North
Gokey, Francois 'Frank' Apr/15/1782 Aug/5/1891 North
Gokey, Infant // Dec/8/1886 NM
Gokey, Salem Apr/25/1851 Dec/8/1903 North
Gokey, Selinas (infant?) // Dec/11/1903
Gokey, Twin child of Stephen // Aug/29/1895 NM
Gokey, Twin child of Stephen // Aug/29/1895 NM
Gouchee, Herman Mrs? // Nov/18/1900 NM
Grab, Anna Nov/2/1875 Dec/17/1946 South
Grab, Caroline //1835 Jan/13/1894 North
Grab, Conrad Oct/9/1834 May/17/1916 North
Grab, Elisabeth B. (infant) Oct/18/1904 Jan/17/1905 NM
Grab, Joseph W. Feb/21/1868 Nov/11/1944 South
Grab, Leo R. //1912 Nov/24/1928 South
Grab, Mary Ann (infant) Jun/20/1906 Oct/4/1906 NM
Grandshaw, Albert // Dec/12/1902 NM
Grandshaw, Infant of Joseph // Sept/30/1895 NM
Grandshaw, Josephine // // North
Grandshaw, Norbert //1828 Dec/12/1902 North
Grandshaw, Octavus Jun/16/1873 Apr/23/1900 North
Grandshaw, Odelia // Oct/9/1891 NM
Green, Samuel Joseph //1874 Dec/19/1886 NM
Green, Francis //1896 Jan/10/1899
Green, Samuel //1874 Dec/19/1886
Grem, Daniel August //1880 July/1/1886 NM
Groshek, August //1870 Nov/24/1961
Groshek, Anne July/17/1883 Apr/15/1958
Harrington, Philip // July/13/1894
Hartjes, Child // May/1/1900 NM
Hartjes, Henrietta A. // Nov/21/1915 NM
Hartjes, Infant of John //1901 May/30/1902 NM
Hartjes, Infant of John //1901 July/9/1903 NM
Hartjes, Infant of Peter //1899 July/28/1904 NM
Hartjes, Infant of Peter // Apr/12/1911 NM
Hartjes, Infant son of John //1901 Oct/17/1905 NM
Hartjes, John Oct/2/1874 Nov/29/1949 NM
Hartjes (Van Dyke), Anna Aug/14/1898 Aug/7/1938 NM
Helgers, Henry // Jan/9/1889 NM
Helgers, Hubert //1858 Aug/14/1887 NM
Helgers, John //1868 Jan/3/1940 NM
Helgers, Mathilda //1896 Sept/4/1905 NM
Helgers, Mathilda // Sept/2/1903 NM
Helgers, Nickolas // Mar/26/1913 NM
Helgers, Robert (infant) // Feb/7/1912 NM
Hentjes, Infant of Art Oct/21/1935 Oct/21/1935 NM
Herman, Adolph // Nov/28/1893 NM
Herman, Alfred //1863 May/3/1934 North
Herman, Anna (infant) Mar/30/1901 Oct/6/1901 NM
Herman, Boy // Feb/17/1896 NM
Herman, Alshie (male infant) Oct/28/1899 Nov/28/1899 NM
Herman, Carrie // Feb/12/1907 NM
Herman, Donald (child) Mar//1934 Jun/27/1938 NM
Herman, Frank Oct/4/1858 Jan/28/1911 NM
Herman, Gladys E. (infant) May//1932 Sept/3/1932 NM
Herman, Helen Nancy (infant) Apr/23/1947 Apr/23/1947 NM
Herman, Mary Apr/16/1872 Nov/20/1911 North
Herman, Otto (child) Apr/26/1917 Apr/16/1919 NM
Herman, Otto (infant) July/8/1902 Oct/10/1902 NM
Herrington, Anna //1888 Oct/13/1896 NM
Herwald, Robert (infant) Nov/11/1950 Nov/11/1950 NM
Hilgers, Emma A. //1877 Nov/16/1921 North
Hilgers, Harry //1919 Sept/29/1961
Hilgers, Henry // Jan/9/1889
Hilgers, Hubert //1858 Aug/14/1887
Hilgers, John P. //1867 Jan/6/1940 North
Hilgers, Mathilda // Sept/2/1903
Hilgers, Mathilda //1895 Sept/4/1904
Hilgers, Nicholas // Mar/26/1913
Hilgers, Robert // Feb/27/1912
Hofstetter, Adam //1883 Sept/3/1917 North
Hofstetter, Barbara Aug/19/1828 Apr/19/1904 North
Holzman, Sara (infant) July//1899 Sept/3/1899 NM
Hoogland, Margaret // July/15/1912 NM
Hoover, Gertrude Oct/4/1906 Oct/11/1912 NM
Hoover, Son of Alfred //1897 Oct/20/1901 NM
Huber, Joseph //1890 July/18/1906
James, May // Sept/9/1891
Janson, Christine //1844 //1887 North
Janson, Louis George Dec/8/1828 Jan/15/1913 North
Johnson, Anna Sept/28/1894 Aug/13/1992 South
Johnson, Anthony //1887 Jun/14/1946 South
Johnson, Clayton F. Apr/24/1926 Oct/20/1947 South
Johnson, Delia Jun/8/1815 Dec/2/1904 NM
Johnson, Elizabeth Nov/12/1884 Dec/18/1952 North
Johnson, Henry Jan/6/1850 Apr/26/1912 South
Johnson, Henry J. Aug/29/1882 Nov/11/1938 North
Johnson, Mary Mar/17/1855 Feb/5/1940 South
Johnson, Peter (infant) Nov/30/1900 Dec/2/1900 NM
Jonartts, Anton // Nov/10/1902 NM
Joosten, Anna July/2/1872 Jun/29/1950 South
Joosten, Martin Sr. //1874 Jun/24/1925 South
Joosten, Minnie May//1875 Dec/4/1932 South
Joosten, Rose Jan/18/1862 July/28/1943 NM
Joosten, Rosella Sept/23/1911 Nov/29/1918 South
Joosten, Simon May/15/1874 Nov/13/1948 South
Joosten, William Apr/15/1907 Sept/23/1925 South
Juneau, Christine // May/3/1887 NM
Juneau, Eleazor (infant) // Dec/17/1896 NM
Juneau, Elvia Apr/17/1893 Apr/1/1915 North
Juneau, Emma Feb/7/1863 Feb/8/1902 NM
Juneau, Eugene Paul //1859 Jan/30/1937 NM
Juneau, Infant // Nov/1/1880 North
Juneau, Infant of Jasper // May/13/1902 NM
Juneau, Marguerite // Aug/29/1884 North
Juneau, Mary // Apr/15/1915 NM
Juneau, Minnie July/22/1869 Oct/5/1921 North
Juneau, Paul // Jan/22/1889 NM
Juneau, Rosella // Sept/25/1878 North
Juneau, Stella // Jan/31/1886 NM
Juneau, Wilbert // Mar/15/1881 North
Keenan, Mr. // Apr/22/1896
Keiser, Hendrina Feb/14/1845 Dec/6/1902 North
Kellner, Anna Nov//1834 Jan/22/1920 NM
Kellner, Francis // Jan/23/1917 NM
Kempen, Anton J. //1892 Jan/15/1969
Kempen, Corneal //1891 Sept/23/1964
Kempen, Female infant of Corneal // Dec/3/1924 NM
Kempen, Jerome (infant) Dec/1/1921 Oct/17/1922 NM
Kempen, Melvin //1878 Sept/30/1932 NM
Kersten, Catherine Nov/11/1852 Apr/8/1941 South
Kersten, Matthew Sept/16/1847 Oct/3/1921 South
Kersten, Theo. Jan/12/1883 Oct/7/1929 South
Kirkland, Leslie Edward //1885 Aug/2/1896 NM
Kolasjeski, Stanislaus //1886 Apr/26/1893
Komatz, Catherine Jun/18/1881 Oct/28/1902
Kotey, Infant // Oct/11/1905
Kravina, Joseph //1880 Jan/19/1892
Krebsback, Infant Oct/9/1916 Oct/9/1916 NM
Krommenakker, Mary //1853 Jun/28/1915 South
Krommenakker, Peter Mar/10/1843 Nov/26/1915 South
Krzavina, Joseph Mar//1880 July/17/1892 Nm
Kujawa, Mary // Feb/20/1900
Kujawa, Mrs. Alex // Dec/7/1930
Kujawa, Raymond (infant) May/5/1918 Nov/15/1918 NM
LaFlamme, Lupeant //1845 May/14/1880
Lamars, Peter R. Jun/29/1843 Feb/12/1918 NM
Lang, Joseph Mar/10/1896 Dec/20/1974 South
Lang, Joseph Sr. //1859 Jan/19/1944 South
Lang, Katherine Apr/20/1900 Mar/26/1953 South
Lang, Theresia //1868 Jan/20/1946 South
LaRoschelle, Frank //1825 Mar/25/1919 NM
LaRoux (Fountain), Clarice May/4/1847 Aug/1/1934 South
LaVaque, Henry L. // // North
LeMay, Infant Male Dec/20/1906 Dec/20/1906 NM
LeMay, George B. (infant) Jun/1/1913 Oct/30/1913
LeMay, Lillian B. Jan/1/1876 Jun/1/1913 NM
LeMay, Louis W. July/26/1890 Nov/26/1977
LeMay, Mrs. Chester // Mar/11/1955
LeMay, Otille //1821 Apr/15/1879
LeMay, Signe Feb/21/1893 Apr/12/1982
LeMay, William //1860 Sept/5/1925 NM
Lepine, Agaria (infant) // May/12/1888 NM
Lewis, Nickolas //1857 Aug/7/1938
Lewton, Eslra // Nov/19/1898
Livernash, Carl Mar/23/1915 Oct/6/1989
Livernash, Cecillia D. Sept/10/1912 Mar/29/2000
Livernash, Celina Oct/28/1865 Jan/27/1949 North
Livernash, Charlotte C. (infant) Mar/12/1940 May/9/1940 North
Livernash, Edmond // Oct/28/1961 NM
Livernash, Ella //1891 Sept/6/1956 North
Livernash, Infant daughter // Jun/30/1876 North
Livernash, Infant of William // Sept/4/1895 NM
Livernash, Louis //1837 Nov/2/1901
Livernash, Louis E. Nov/21/1862 July/12/1936 North
Livernash, Louise // Jan/31/1916 NM
Livernash, William R. // July/22/1970 North
Lom, Anna // July/4/1921 NM
Lom, Donald (infant) Nov//1924 Feb/6 /1925 NM
Lom, Nicholas //1933 Mar/11/1955
Malik, Joan Irene (infant) Oct/14/1941 Feb/21/1942 NM
Maltais, Louisa (infant) Oct//1890 July/31/1891 NM
Marach, John // Oct/20/1915 NM
Marach (DeByl), Louise Aug/13/1891 Mar/3/1962 South
Marceau, Anton // Mar/15/1900 NM
Marceau, Eugene // Nov/6/1916 NM
Marceau, Exarida // Apr/30/1907 NM
Marceau, Mary May/28/1844 Aug/23/1909 North
Marceau, Mrs. Anton // Dec/3/1893 NM
Marceau, Mrs. Anton // Oct/10/1899 NM
Marceau, Nazarius // Feb/28/1903 NM
Marceau, Infant son // Oct/30/1899 NM
Marceau, Infant of Joseph // Mar/27/1890 NM
McConnell, Mary //1867 May/5/1949
Micke, Frank // May/15/1915 NM
Miller, Frank //1881 Mar/2/1948
Miller, Lena //1884 Mar/29/1957
Morel, Peter // May/18/1899
Musch, Bernard F. (infant) Oct/26/1910 Oct/27/1910 NM
Musch, Infant of Bernard // Aug/2/1907 NM
Musch, Female infant of Bernard Oct/9/1908 Oct/9/1908
Musch, Male infant of Bernard Jan/22/1908 Jan/22/1908
Musch, Male infant of Bernard Mar/30/1914 Mar/30/1914
Nash, James Oct/12/1855 Aug/6/1940 NM
Nash, Margaret July/4/1824 Feb/8/1903 North
Nash, Patrick Mar/17/1821 Feb/1/1913 NM
Nash, Thomas F. //1881 July/13/1935 NM
Neubaur, Mrs. // Jan/13/1892
Neubaur, Mrs. // Feb/11/1893
Newbore, Johanna H. // July/24/1907 North
Panzer, Anton Aug/3/1892 Nov/12/1968 South
Panzer, Barbara Mar/14/1867 Mar/14/1947 South
Panzer, Emma July/15/1888 Dec/12/1960
Panzer, James (infant) Dec/6/1917 Dec/10/1917 NM
Panzer, Wolfgang //1869 Jan/2/1930 South
Pateski, Martin (infant) //1898 Oct/1/1900
Peckarski, Henry //1896 Feb/13/1900
Perry, George //1887 May/9/1958
Perry, Keith D. Jun/19/1934 Dec/2/1976
Perry, Robert Lewis Aug/23/1932 Aug/8/1949 South
Peters, Albert //1880 Sept/11/1954
Peters, Audrey H. (infant) Apr/25/1919 Jun/14/1919 NM
Peters, Infant of Albert Jun/9/1913 Jun/9/1913 NM
Peters, Joseph //1881 July/28/1959
Peters, Joseph C. (infant) Mar/29/1916 Mar/31/1916 NM
Pierer, James // Dec/31/1877
Piltz, Fred Sr. //1878 Jun/27/1949
Piltz, Mrs. Fred //1887 Oct/26/1950
Ponczoch, Catherine //1893 //1975 North
Ponczoch, John Joseph Feb/24/1888 Dec/24/1940 North
Ponczoch, Sylvester Nov/25/1927 Aug/31/1939 North
Primeau, Severe //1879 Aug/28/1970
Provo, Georgianna (child) // Sept/2/1888 NM
Provost, Cleytus // Oct/19/1918
Provost, Emory H. Mar/27/1876 Mar/28/1905 South
Provost, Joseph Sept/14/1825 Dec/17/1904 South
Provost, Joseph J. Aug/25/1863 July/19/1928 South
Provost, Pauline July/26/1835 Feb/18/1904 South
Provost, Thomas // Dec/20/1904 NM
Rader, Albert Jr. (infant) May/29/1935 May/30/1935 North
Ratelle, Arsene Feb/27/1868 July/6/1945 NM
Ratelle, Damase Jan/15/1834 Feb/7/1906 North
Ratelle, Delia May/10/1848 //1883 North
Ratelle, Infant // Apr/12/1883 North
Ratelle, Nellie G. Aug/23/1874 Mar/2/1947 South
Ratelle, Nicholas G. May/13/1873 Mar/5/1930 South
Ratelle, Nicholas (infant) Aug/14/1922 Aug/15/1922 South
Rayome, Armenia Jan/10/1845 July/30/1912 South
Rayome, Eleazer //1862 Mar/2/1940
Rayome, Herman // Aug/2/1912
Rayome, Joseph Sept/19/1842 Mar/2/1913 South
Reaielher, Jylieh //1813 Dec/10/1875
Reider, Johanna May/9/1834 Aug/27/1900 NM
Reinhart, Margaret // Nov/10/1889
Reinhart, Mrs. Myron //1886 Jun/15/1937
Reiter, John Mar/23/1859 Jan/7/1916
Reiter, Josephine Mar/20/1864 Feb/9/1891 North
Reiter, Josephine (infant) Feb/7/1891 Feb/12/1891 NM
Reiter, Mrs. John // Aug/20/1900
Reiter, Mrs. Martin // Oct/12/1890 North
Richard, Arthur E. (child) // Sept/8/1889 NM
Richard, John Emil (infant) Nov//1883 July/8/1884 NM
Richard, Mary // Aug/25/1907 NM
Richard, Mary May/16/1821 Nov/1/1892 North
Richard, Theresa (infant) Jun//1890 Feb/9/1891 NM
Rocheleau, William Basil Apr/15/1885 Apr/26/1942 NM
Rokus, Anna // Aug/19/1900
Roseno, Irene M. July/20/1913 Jun/19/2000
Roseno, John Jun/23/1905 Aug/29/1992
Rouhan, Patrick Feb/3/1825 Sept/10/1906
Roy, Joseph A. Feb/18/1863 Jan/5/1916 NM
Ruiter, Hendricka // May/26/1902 NM
Ruiter, Josephine (infant) Feb/7/1892 Feb/12/1892
Ruiter, Margaret Mar/31/1869 Feb/15/1936 NM
Ruiter, Peter //1861 Oct/4/1928 North
Ruiter, Raymond //1866 July/21/1938 NM
Rybicki, Joseph C. (infant) Mar//1920 Oct/4/1920 NM
Rybicki, Joseph Sr. //1884 Sept/2/1951
Rybicki, Mrs. Joseph //1886 Oct/6/1935
Schelfout, John B. May/29/1848 Sept/21/1911 North
Schelfout, Mary Louise Apr/12/1850 Aug/1/1903 North
Schillinger, Ferdinand J. Aug/30/1912 Apr/10/1966 North
Schillinger, Robert W. Jun/12/1941 Jun/14/1951 NM
Schiltz, Eva //1833 Aug/4/1905 NM
Schiltz, Frances Sept/10/1862 Jun/4/1948 North
Schiltz, John Nov/9/1868 Nov/26/1920 North
Schiltz, Matt //1831 Sept/16/1916 NM
Schlig, Rose //1841 Jun/8/1907
Schmick, Agnes (infant) Sept/10/1896 May/7/1898 NM
Schmitt, Patrick //1813 Nov/19/1892
Schreiber, Hemel M. (infant) //1901 Jun/15/1903 NM
Schuerman, Frank //1908 July/18/1931
Schuerman, Frank Sr. // Sept/6/1949
Seebock, Frederick // Apr/6/1901
Seefeldt, Judith //1943 May/12/1966
Sepine, Azana // May/12/1888
Sharkey, Aura 'Laura' // Apr/26/1884 North
Sharkey, Bertha Mary (infant) Jun//1891 Sept/26/1891 NM
Sharkey, Charles // Nov/26/1885 NM
Sharkey, Charles (infant) Jan/6/1885 Jan/12/1885 NM
Sharkey, Ed //1890 Sept/7/1945 NM
Sharkey, Edlma Apr/8/1853 July/3/1914 North
Sharkey, Ellen // //1884 North
Sharkey, Emory (infant) // Aug/18/1887 NM
Sharkey, Frank Nov/4/1861 Jan/24/1935 North
Sharkey, Infant of Emory // Feb/6/1895 NM
Sharkey, Ira Mar/27/1879 July/24/1914 North
Sharkey, John B., Sr. // Sept/23/1894 NM
Sharkey, Joseph Mar/10/1851 Apr/3/1914 North
Sharkey, Leo P. Aug/1/1907 May/24/1963 NM
Sharkey, Louisa // Jun/28/1888 North
Sharkey, Louisa (infant) May/8/1898 May/8/1898 NM
Sharkey, Mary //1870 Apr/10/1941 North
Sharkey, Moses Apr/14/1852 Mar/22/1918 NM
Sharkey, Mrs. Joseph // July/7/1945
Sharkey, Virginia // Aug/22/1884 North
Sher, Edward (infant) // Jan/23/1917
Slattery, Noreen (child) Feb/4/1925 Feb/14/1928 NM
Slattery, Stephan // Dec/30/1884 NM
Smitz, Mary (infant) May/18/1903 Jun/22/1903 NM
Speltz, Joseph B. (infant) Aug/22/1919 Aug/24/1919 NM
Sprangers, James 'Lean' Oct//1939 Sept/5/1944 NM
Sprangers, Mrs. John //1885 Feb/15/1919 NM
St. Denis, Hubert // Mar/7/1901
St. Denis, Louis (infant) Mar/7/1901 Mar/7/1901 NM
St. Denis, Sarah // Sept/18/1894 North
Stelzer, Infant of Joseph Feb//1900 Feb/23/1900 NM
Stelzer, Joseph Sept/9/1856 Nov/29/1931 South
Stelzer, Mrs. Joseph //1902 Nov/7/1925
Stelzer (Hoffsteader), Barbara Aug/20/1863 Mar/25/1951 South
Steuck, Donald Oct/31/1919 Oct/28/2007
Steuck, Marion Aug/16/1917 July/13/2003
Stout, Mildred //1889 Aug/21/1952
Suchoski, Martha // Sept/13/1891
Taylor, Thomas Ed. (infant) //1884 July/22/1886 NM
Taylor, William A. (infant) July//1885 Aug/18/1886 NM
Tepheau, Margaret // Dec/23/1884 NM
Tepheau, Solomon (infant) Aug//1889 Oct/2/1889 NM
Tetean, Fleager // Feb/7/1906
Timmerman, Antonetta //1865 Mar/4/1934 North
Timmerman, Gregory J. (infant) // Mar/5/1953 NM
Timmerman, Rosella //1906 Oct/22/1930 North
Timmerman, Stephen Sept/28/1892 Jun/5/1911 North
Timmerman, Theodore //1866 July/24/1954 North
Timmerman, William //1913 May/21/1921
Tio, Marilyn (infant-twin) // Aug/20/1971
Tio, Michelle (infant-twin) // Aug/21/1971
Treutel, Genevieve //1906 Jan/24/1969
Treutel, Henry //1865 July/19/1962
Uher, Ed (child) // Jan/23/1917 NM
Vadnais, George //1906 July/16/1937 NM
Vadnais, Infant of H. // Oct/7/1894
Vadnais, Mary //1894 Jan/26/1970
VanAsten, Agnes Apr/16/1930 Dec/4/2002 South
VanAsten, Anna Nov/30/1868 Sept/3/1941 South
VanAsten, Chris (infant) // Apr/9/1916 NM
VanAsten, Chris J. Mar/31/1893 Jun/1/1976 South
VanAsten, Cornelius Mar/19/1865 Sept/17/1949 South
VanAsten, Hannah Dec/11/1888 Nov/17/1917 North
VanAsten, Minnie //1900 Apr/23/1964
VanAsten, Sophia Feb/28/1892 Dec/9/1981 South
Vandenheuvel, Albert // Apr/2/1907 NM
VandenHubel, Peternella // Apr/4/1904 NM
Vanderberg, Dora //1872 Dec/18/1934 North
Vanderloop, Anthony (infant) Apr/25/1914 Apr/25/1914 NM
Vanderloop, Beatrice Apr/23/1901 Apr/28/1972
Vanderloop, Infant of Joseph // Jan/15/1914 NM
VandeWetering, William Mar/23/1901 Apr/29/1915 North
VanErt, Anna //1875 Apr/19/1948 North
VanErt, Christian (child) //1904 Mar/26/1907 NM
VanErt, Flora Feb/8/1859 Feb/1/1938 South
VanErt, Fredrick // Feb/3/1903 NM
VanErt, Irene (infant) Aug//1922 Feb/1/1923 NM
VanErt, John Dec/29/1857 Nov/25/1921 South
VanErt, John P. Mar/29/1901 Nov/18/1918 NM
VanErt, Martin Oct/20/1820 May/14/1899 NM
VanErt, Mrs. Martin // Jan/7/1900 NM
VanErt, Theodore //1854 Jan/22/1927 Nm
VanLith, Allie //1874 Jan/3/1941 North
VanLith, Cornelia //1870 //1908 North
VanLith, Cornelius //1871 Apr/13/1948 North
VanLith, Infant // Jun/7/1907 NM
VanLyssel, Arnold //1919 Aug/31/1935
VanLyssel, John //1904 Aug/31/1928 NM
Vogel, Anna //1873 Nov/26/1926 North
Vogel, Theresa Jun/24/1839 Jan/5/1933 North
Voyce, Francis // Jan//1906 NM
Wachter, Infant of Christian // Sept/28/1894
Walckak, Michantnia //1996 Feb/4/1954
Walters, Louisa (infant) // July/3/1891
Watson, Infant of Clarence // July/18/1964
Weir, Infant of Dean Feb/12/1974 Feb/12/1974
Weyers, Infant Mar/28/1913 Mar/28/1913 NM
Whitman, Infant of Louis // Sept/23/1904 NM
Wilhelm, Carey // Apr/16/1906 NM
Wilkins, John //1880 Aug/30/1922
Wilkins, Norman (child) //1919 Nov/16/1922
Wirtz, Anna July/26/1866 Aug/13/1948 South
Wirtz, Anton May/11/1859 Feb/3/1941 South
Wirtz, Frances O. Nov/7/1892 Aug/3/1974 South
Wirtz, Fred Aug/16/1850 Jun/23/1928 South
Wirtz, George Mar/11/1848 Jun/6/1916 North
Wirtz, Gertrude Aug/10/1862 Apr/25/1930 NM
Wirtz, Herman J. May/13/1904 Apr/3/1975 South
Wirtz, William // Jun/9/1990
Zeringer, Anna //1877 Nov/11/1930 NM
Zimmerman, Adam Oct/11/1851 Dec/3/1930 South
Zimmerman, Brigetta //1889 Nov/23/1969 South
Zimmerman, Catherine Jan/25/1888 Dec/26/1977 South
Zimmerman, Elizabeth Nov/5/1853 Oct/3/1930 South
Zimmerman, Elizabeth May/8/1889 Feb/10/1981
Zimmerman, Gregory (infant) Mar/5/1953 Mar/5/1953 South
Zimmerman, Joseph Sept/14/1887 Mar/12/1969 South
Zimmerman, Nicholas Apr/16/1897 Nov/28/1972 South
Zimmerman, Paul H. //1884 July/19/1936 South
Zimmerman, William Sept/27/1882 Jan/24/1958 South
Zimmerman, William Jr. //1912 May/29/1921 South


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