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People Buried at
St. Paul's Lutheran

Name Born Died Sect/Block Row/Lot
Arendt, Bertha Mar/18/1835 Aug/29/1912 South from rear
Behling, Betha Emilia (child) Dec/28/1887 Mar/27/1893 North from rear
Behling, Carl Feb/13/1852 Feb/3/1941 South from rear
Behling, Emilie Feb/6/1862 Apr/12/1914 South from rear
Behling, Susan E. (infant) Sept/23/1946 Sept/26/1946 North from rear
Berg, Friedrich F. (infant) Dec/11/1890 July/22/1891 North from rear
Berkholtz, William D. Apr/17/1956 Jan/10/1976 South from rear
Boetcher, Michael Oct/6/1847 Jan/31/1932 south from rear
Bohmsaach, John //1885 //1952 North from rear
Bohmsach, Emma W.C. (twin) Sept/23/1887 Aug/1/1897 North from rear
Bohmsach, Emmitt W. (twin) Sept/23/1887 Apr/7/1960 North from rear
Bohmsach, Eva Apr/15/1898 Jan/19/1984 North from rear
Bohmsach, Peter N. July/12/1850 Jun/29/1919 South from rear
Bohmsach, William J. //1883 //1967 North from rear
Bohmsach (Dressen), Catherine Dec/5/1861 Apr/3/1932 North from rear
Bottcher, Wilhelmine Oct/9/1850 Jun/7/1896 South from rear
Brockman, Christian July/13/1835 July/21/1886 South from rear
Brockman, Johanna F. Aug/5/1835 July/21/1901 South from rear
Burnier, Justin //1864 Nov/16/1929 South from rear
Christiansen, Anna C. (child) Jun/28/1884 Sept/8/1887 North from rear
Christiansen, Louise (child) Sept/17/1883 Sept/15/1887 North from rear
Czajkowski, Edward P. Apr/28/1909 Apr/20/1975 North from rear
Czajkowski, Leona L. //1912 //2005 North from rear
Dettmann, Albertina Feb/2/1842 May/17/1901 South from rear
Dettmann, J. Wilhelm May/6/1879 Feb/15/1899 South from rear
Dietsch, Thomas A. Sept/24/1957 Oct/5/2008 North
Dressen, Emma // // South from rear
Dressen, Gustave T. Jun/3/1868 July/28/1959 South from rear
Dressen, Maria Mar/18/1872 May/31/1904 South from rear
Dressen, Phoebe May/8/1839 Oct/11/1916 South from rear
Dressen, William July/16/1893 Jun/11/1958 South from rear
Dressen, Etta //1898 //1994 buried in Watertown,WI
Ehlert, Chad D. Jan/3/1978 Jan/6/2000 North from rear
Ehlert, Donald R. Dec/25/1939 Sept/19/1991 North from rear
Ehlert, Ella Martha Amanda Nov/6/1906 Oct/1/1982 North from rear
Ehlert, Elmer July/10/1908 Jan/12/1982 North from rear
Ehlert, Fred May/14/1839 Apr/15/1923 South from rear
Ehlert, Hannah Oct/2/1875 Feb/16/1953 North from rear
Ehlert, infant dau of R&M // Mar/11/1948 North from rear
Ehlert, Iola C. Apr/8/1910 Nov/25/2000 North from rear
Ehlert, Johanna May/6/1850 May/21/1924 South from rear
Ehlert, William J. Aug/4/1873 Mar/20/1972 North from rear
Finup, Laura (child) Apr/26/1982 Jan/21/1985 South from rear
Finup, Arthur E. Oct/7/1912 Mar/18/1984 South from rear
Finup, Emery L. Mar/26/1949 Jun/28/2000 South from rear
Finup, Georgianna M. Aug/11/1950 // South from rear
Finup, John Mar/2/1874 Dec/30/1962 South from rear
Finup, Michael Nov/7/1978 Jan/21/1985 South from rear
Finup (Marks), Laura M. May/6/1915 Apr/2/1970 South from rear
Finup (Ringer), Amelia Apr/2/1890 Apr/23/1932 South from rear
Follen, infant daughter Apr/29/1969 Apr/29/1969 North from rear
Gasch, Amelia Mar/25/1850 Oct/25/1930 South from rear
Gasch, Carl Apr/17/1829 Nov/24/1904 South from rear
Gasch, Henry F. Aug/12/1893 Aug/12/1970 North from rear
Gasch, Irene L. //1910 Mar/6/2006 North from rear
Gasch, Julius Aug/17/1870 Nov/11/1910 South from rear
Gasch, Kenneth P. //1948 //1995 North from rear
Gatske, Edith (infant) Feb/21/1910 Apr/5/1910 North from rear
Gatske, Neal H. (child) Oct/18/1905 Apr/15/1910 North from rear
Gensch, Adolph // Aug/23/19?? South from rear
Hasseler (Boetcher), Pauline Dec/27/1875 Mar/11/1902 South from rear
Hirsch, Johann Michael Oct/20/1843 Jun/17/1892 South from rear
Hofer, Harold May/5/1926 Oct/28/1967 North from rear
Holmes (Peters), Adele //1891 //1959 North from rear
Janke, A.J. // Aug/19/1898 South from rear
Jehl, Maria Oct/24/1819 Nov/1/1892 South from rear
Kaup, Mary Jun/12/1828 Feb/15/1917 South from rear
Keip, Bertha May/28/1873 Sept/4/1945 South from rear
Keip, Charles Aug/14/1866 Feb/15/1947 South from rear
Keip, Lawrence (infant) Aug/24/1909 Dec/14/1909 North from rear
Keup, Albert (infant) Jun/27/1889 Aug/14/1889 North from rear
Keup, Ferdinand May/24/1830 Apr/5/1908 South from rear
Keup, Wilhelm July/23/1883 Jun/27/1900 South from rear
Kissinger, Maggie Oct/7/1891 July/5/1902 North from rear
Koch, George (infant) Nov/9/1897 Dec/8/1897 North from rear
Krouse, Caroline Jun/11/1825 Nov/8/1916 South from rear
Kruger, Violet May/27/1928 Oct/22/1999 South from rear
Kruger, Walter H. Oct/17/1904 May/25/1972 South from rear
Kruger (Zager), Anita L. July/26/1905 Dec/14/1969 South from rear
Kunz, Julius Nov/11/1848 May/19/1914 South from rear
Lamm, Amanda (child) Mar/21/1885 Apr/10/1889 North from rear
Lamm, August Mar/19/1887 Jan/26/1899 South from rear
Larsen, Olaf // Sept/23/1887 North from rear
Leu, Esther //1899 Apr/13/1923 North from rear
Leu, Robert C. Dec/29/1867 Apr/27/1947 North from rear
Leu (Gasch), Mary A. Sept/11/1876 Dec/2/1949 North from rear
Lienke, Walter Carl (child) Aug/20/1885 Mar/8/1890 North from rear
Luepke, August F. Dec/28/1838 Jan/1/1907 South from rear
Luth, John H., Sr. Aug/5/1880 Dec/7/1962 North from rear
Luth (Wilson), Edith A. //1886 May/31/1963 North from rear
Mark, James P. Apr/6/1836 Jun/29/1892 South from rear
Martens, A.D. Mar/24/1832 Oct/24/1898 South from rear
Martens, Rimer P. //1833 Apr/14/1927 South from rear
Marx, Auguste // Apr/17/1901 South from rear
Marx, Herbert J. Mar/21/1890 Feb/5/1972 South from rear
Marx, Julius Jun/5/1853 Dec/13/1917 South from rear
Marx, Otto F. Nov/18/1879 Feb/3/1953 South from rear
Mask, Albert W. //1884 //1930 North from rear
Mask, Augusta Nov/16/1850 Aug/15/1924 South from rear
Mask, Emil Oct/18/1890 Feb/28/1919 South from rear
Mask, John F. Dec/5/1845 Dec/8/1919 South from rear
Mask (Fischer), Bertha Apr/19/1890 Jun/22/1970 North from rear
Mattheis, Christian Nov/30/1862 Apr/25/1936 South from rear
Mattheis, Fredricka Jan/18/1873 Apr/23/1945 South from rear
Matthias, Henry Sept/30/1911 Dec/31/1986 South from rear
Matthias, Ruth Apr/21/1918 Jun/25/1984 South from rear
Messerschmidt, Irene (twin infant) // Dec/7/1927 North from rear
Messerschmidt, Paul (twin infant) // Dec/7/1927 North from rear
Meyer, John Aug/16/1837 Nov/21/1916 South from rear
Meyer, Minnie July/6/1859 July/17/1909 South from rear
Miller, Bertha Jun/8/1888 Sept/3/1909 South from rear
Miller, George Jan/15/1900 Jun/23/1913 South from rear
Miller, Henrietta //1839 Mar/18/1931 South from rear
Miller, Mathilda Sept/22/1880 Feb/20/1901 South from rear
Mueller, Anna E. //1869 Oct/14/1953 South from rear
Mueller, Carl F. //1866 July/29/1943 South from rear
Mueller, William Nov/7/1875 Jan/26/1916 South from rear
Mueller/Miller, Carl //1828 Apr/9/1906 South from rear
Muller, Augusta Feb/16/1854 July/12/1896 South from rear
Nickleson, A. (wife of N.H.) May/5/1869 Feb/15/1899 South from rear
Nickleson, Nicholas H. // Jun/30/1904 South from rear
Peters, Alma E. Oct/25/1887 Jun/6/1985 North from rear
Peters, Arthur (infant) Jan/20/1890 Mar/24/1890 North from rear
Peters, Charlotte Jan/12/1861 May/12/1941 North from rear
Peters, Debra M. Feb/3/1960 // South from rear
Peters, Ella Martha Amanda (child) Sept/23/1901 Mar/8/1907 North from rear
Peters, George A. July/12/1900 Feb/22/1975 North from rear
Peters, Michael W. Sept/13/1956 Apr/2/2001 South from rear
Peters, Ronald J. Dec/26/1945 Aug/11/1962 North from rear
Peters, William H. Jan/7/1862 Aug/11/1934 North from rear
Ringer, Frank Nov/9/1860 Mar/11/1923 South from rear
Robus, Bertha (child) July/16/1890 Dec/19/1893 North from rear
Robus, George Albert Ludwin (child) Mar/19/1897 May/5/1902 North from rear
Robus, Leo Wilhelm Otto (infant) Feb/28/1900 May/14/1902 North from rear
Ruess, Ernestine Feb/19/1851 Mar/25/1919 South from rear
Ruess, John May/3/1843 Jun/20/1917 South from rear
Schierland, Daniel H. Sept/10/1898 Aug/22/1973 North from rear
Schierland, Donald N. Mar/27/1933 Feb/4/1992 North from rear
Schierland, Emma L. Oct/20/1899 //? North from rear
Schierland, Vernon (child) Sept/12/1935 Apr/12/1939 North from rear
Schierland, Milton D., Sr. Mar/24/1931 Jan/15/1989 North from rear
Schierland (Gee), Stephanie A. Jun/27/1937 // North from rear
Schmalbrook, Emil Wilhelm (infant) Feb/4/1897 Feb/19/1898 North from rear
Schmalbrook, Friedrich Johann W. (child) Mar/23/1894 May/18/1897 North from rear
Schmalbrook, William Mar/28/1859 Mar/4/1902 South from rear
Schudy, Aileen // // North from rear
Schudy, Gregory T. //1959 //1971 North from rear
Schudy, Thomas A. //1938 //1995 North from rear
Schultz, infant May/24/1913 May/24/1913 North from rear
Schultz, Otto W. Jan/15/1889 July/7/1975 North from rear
Schultz (Zieher), Alma May/30/1888 Nov/22/1940 North from rear
Seehagen, William F. // Dec/6/1899 South from rear
Smallbrook, Caroline //1868 //1915 South from rear
Smallbrook, Henry Mar/14/1857 Mar/30/1915 South from rear
Stake, Albert H. Jan/9/1891 Jan/16/1972 South from rear
Stake, August Jun/3/1854 Jun/25/1938 South from rear
Stake, Minnie Feb/7/1857 Sept/24/1921 South from rear
Stake (Larsen), Christene M. Sept/11/1893 Feb/23/1974 South from rear
Staven, William H. Sept/9/1884 Dec/15/1917 South from rear
Steven, Johanna C.L. May/23/1831 Oct/17/1908 South from rear
Steven, William Sept/7/1828 Sept/22/1901 South from rear
Stocker, Vincent July/8/1859 Jan/22/1906 South from rear
Ubinger, Charlie Apr/6/1859 Aug/5/1931 South from rear
Ubinger, Esther //1900 //1924 South from rear
Ubinger (Lepke), Augusta Jan/19/1863 Mar/10/1932 South from rear
Unger (Russ), Anna M. Aug/26/1817 Nov/6/1905 South from rear
Vollert, Carl F. Jun/17/1908 Apr/13/1975 North from rear
Vollert, Frances E. Jan/30/1909 Jan/1/2004 North from rear
Wessenberg, Frank (infant) Feb/28/1890 Oct/17/1890 North from rear
Wessenberg, L.E.M. (infant) Dec/17/1888 Dec/20/1889 North from rear
Wolff, Wilhelm Nov/11/1883 Apr/17/1923 South from rear
Wolff (Seehagen), Emilie Sept/4/1859 Oct/13/1917 South from rear
Zabel, Augusta May/10/1864 Aug/24/1945 South from rear
Zabel, William Oct/2/1893 Dec/13/1918 South from rear
Zager, Caroline Aug/12/1831 May/17/1921 South from rear
Zieher, Bertha Sept/23/1867 Aug/9/1948 North from rear
Zieher, John Jan/16/1856 Apr/28/1936 North from rear
Zieher, Lawrence Feb/8/1911 May/11/1999 North from rear
Zieher, Viola (infant) Sept/14/1906 Aug/30/1907 North from rear


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