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People Buried at
Bethany Lutheran

Name Born Died Sect/Block Row/Lot
Anderson, Maria //1861 Dec/18/1901
Carlson, Alfred Jan/9/1850 Apr/10/1909
Grandfors, Single Man // //
Hedin, Hugo Nov/13/1900 Feb/1/1903
Kieckhaefer, Marcia Sept/14/1945 Nov/17/2005
Kronholm, John Aug/12/1901 Feb/5/1902
Kronholm, Emanuel Feb/19/1852 Jan/26/1900
Kronholm, Caisa B. May/24/1828 Nov/2/1902
Kronholm, Emanuel Apr/3/1822 Oct/1/1907
Kronsteadt, Infant of Fred // Oct/1/1907 moved to Forest Hill
Larson, Ida,dau of Jens // //
Mews, Walter A. Aug/10/1933 Sept/28/2004 Center 15
Monson, Ingrid M. Oct/27/1851 Aug/2/1908
Schade, Adeleen P. Oct/10/1919 Feb/17/2007 Center 23
Ulves, Mikael Jan/1/1842 Dec/22/1909


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