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    Greenwood Cemetary Armenia Just across the Juneau County line.
    Arpin City Arpin Southwest of Arpin on E and Pine Road
    Evangelical Free Church Arpin Richfield Drive, west of Hwy 186 This was originally a Swedish community Church. In 1912 The church was organized and the first burial was Ivan Fredi in 1915.
    Immanuel Cemetery Arpin Oak and Butternut Roads This cemetery is located next to the Church. When it was started in 1900 lots were sold to members of the church for $2.00.
    Indian Bill Arpin Powers Bluff One of the two cemeteries at Powers Bluff, Indian Bill cemetery is located at the foot of the bluff, with John Ne Wee at the top. The burial grounds are grown over and difficult to find.
Powers Bluff is a popular winter recreational area.
    John Ne Wee Arpin Located Southeast of Marshfield, this is a historical Native Indian site, known as Skunk Hill to the Potawatomi, Winnebago, Ho-Chunk and Ojibway. There is no official listing of the persons buried here. The ones entered are from the 1924 History of Wood County and many do not have a registered death record.
    Greenwood Auburndale North Road, south of Auburndale
    Norwegian Lutheran Auburndale County M, south of County Y
    Old Saint Mary's Auburndale Yellowstone and North Roads
    Saint John's Lutheran Auburndale Shady Rd at Railroad Road
    Slidre Norwegian Auburndale Day Road, south of Mill Creek Dr.
    St. Mary's Catholic Auburndale Hwy 10, behind Church
    Trinty Cemetery Cameron Hwy 10 across from Half Mile Rd, south of Marshfield Trinity Lutheran was established in 1890.Burials from 1888-2013.
    Dexterville Dexter Hwy 54 west of Hwy 80 This cemetery holds many Native Americans. These Burials don't have stones to identify who is buried there.
First recorded burial was in 1865.
Grand Rapids
    Restlawn Grand Rapids Hwy 54 east of Wisconsin Rapids Restlawn Memorial Park Cemetery was established in June of 1958, with 31 acres and 1200 burial sites available immediately.
The cemetery is laid out with a garden setting in blocks.
    St. Johns Kellner Grant On Park Road, just east of Kellner This cemetery is just over the Portage Co. line and serves the German community in Kellner. The first burial was in 1865, just after the church was organized.
    Faith Reformed Hansen County C west of Vesper This cemetery was established in 1920 and burials are through
    St. Jame's Catholic Hansen Northwest of Vesper on Hwy 186. Burials starting in 1911 through 2012.
    St. John's Cemetery Hansen Elm Rd between Hwy 13 and Lincoln Rd
    Trinty Lutheran Hansen West of Vesper on Grant Rd. Burials from 1905 through 2009.
    St. Michael's Catholic Hewitt County T, Village of Hewitt. First burial in 1852.
    Corpus Christi Catholic Lincoln Junction of B and BB (Bakerville) Burials in the Corpus Christi cemetery start in 1881 through 2008.
    Grace Lutheran Lincoln Hwy 10, just east of County V (Nasonville) Established in 1890 with burials from 1893 through 2009.
    Gate of Heaven Catholic Marshfield St Joseph Ave, city of Marshfield Gate of Heaven cemetery is located next to the Hillside Municipal cemetery.
The records for this cemetery have been added to the Marshfield City website at ci.marshfield.wi.us
    Hillside Municipal Marshfield St Joseph Ave, City of Marshfield Hillside is a city cemetery and was established in 1880. The city clerk has all of these records on the city's web page.
    Immanuel Hewitt Marshfield Yellowstone Rd at County T near Hewitt. The cemetery was established in 1890 in the Township of Marshfield.
    Immanuel Lutheran Marshfield St Joseph Ave, city of Marshfield This cemetery is on the City of Marshfield web site, in a searchable program.
go to ci.marshfield.wi.us
    Queen of Heaven Marshfield St Joseph Ave, city of Marshfield The cemetery stones for this cemetery were read in the early 1980's, and sometime after this Queen of Heaven was merged with Gate of Heaven. This is the listing of what was done early. The complete listing is on the Marshfield City web site.
    Amish Milladore 10008 Blueberry Rd, Town of Milladore. This is a private burial for the Amish community in the Town of Milladore. It is on the land belonging to the Menno Miller family.
    St. Killian's Catholic Milladore Blenker on Hwy 10 Burials from 1886 through 2011.
    St. Wenceslaus Catholic Milladore West Street north of Hwy 10
    Union Protestant Milladore West Street north of Hwy 10
    Riverside Nekoosa Prospect Ave ( Hwy 173)
    Sacred Heart Catholic Nekoosa Prospect Ave (Hwy 173)
Port Edwards
    Civil War Grave Port Edwards In Village of Port Edwards, Near the Dam This is a single grave on the west bank of the Wisconsin River near the Nekoosa-Port Edwards Co. dam.
Jones was employed as a teamster for the John Edwards Sawmill, was unmarried and nicknamed 'Whiskey Jack'.
He had enlisted 3 Oct. 1861 and discharged 31 Oct, 1864, returning to Port Edwards after the War. There is no other death or burial information available.
    Port Edwards Municipal Port Edwards West of Port Edwards on Hwy 54, just west of the Junction with Hwy 73. This cemetery was established by the Village of Port Edwards in 1957. Some burials from other locations were moved here, making 1863 the earlist death date.
    Babcock Remington Hwy 80 just north of the Junction with Hwy 173 In 1888 Owen Brady of Remington donated 40 acres, 10 to the Catholic, 4 to Protestant and the remainder to the Town for the purpose of a cemetery.
In 1913, Rev. James Schwebach of the Catholic Church in Babcock, deeded their portion of the cemetery to the Town and in 1918 the Protestant Church released their claim also.
The Catholic portion is to the left of the entrance, and still being used. The hill to the back and south of the entrance is the oldest, with burials without markers.
    Bethel Richfield Bethel Road This cemetery was established in 1901 just south of the Village of Bethel. Poor codition with broken markers and unmarked graves.
    Brook Lawn Memorial Richfield Hwy 13 and Eisenhower Road Burials from 1939 through 2009.
    Richardson Plot Richfield Hwy 13 and Thompson Road A small family burial ground on the old Richardson farm, with no known markers.
Mrs. Richardson was the daughter of Capt. Taintor, and is buried with her two children.
    Town of Richfield Richfield Hwy 13 and County EE The first burial is from 1886 through 2010. Sometimes called Far View, this is a cemetery managed by the Township of Richfield.
    Progress Rock Progress Lane east of Eagle Road Small cemetery with burials in 1924-25.
    Rock Township Rock Eagle Road just south of Hwy 10 Established in 1860 with burials through 2008. Named for the Nason family who settled here in 1854.
    All Souls Rudolph Far North side of Rudolph Land was donated by Lillian Blonien in 1953 for the cemetery. Burials through 2013 indexed here.
    St. John's Lutheran Rudolph Meadowview Drive north of County P Burials from 1871 through 2012.
    St. Phillips Rudolph 5th Ave North Under the direction of Father Peter Parnin, This cemetery was established in 1878. Burials 1844 through 2007.
    Green Hill Saratoga County Z at Joslin Road This modern day cemetery was once called Elliott's Cemetery. It is well taken care of and has many old burials.
    Pattee Family Saratoga SE of Nekoosa on Ten Mile Creek, in Section 27. A sickness went through this family while the father was fighting in the Civil War, taking the lives of his young children.
    Pioneer Cemetery Saratoga Corner of Townline Rd and 48th St. S. The two early cemeteries were abandoned and burials moved because of flooding. The present cemetery is on land donated by Ole Einertson in 1888. The first burial in the new cemetery was that of Willie Peterson who drowned. There are still unknown graves on the north bank of the Five Mile Creek.
Burials 1880 through 2012
    Two single graves Saratoga Near Hwy 13 on Blue Ridge Rd, near Ten Mile Creek
    Anawash Indian Cemetery Seneca County Rd Q
    St. Joseph's Seneca County D north of Matthies Rd in Altdorf
    Waub mee mee Seneca Behind the Brian Snowball home on Co. Rd. Q This is a private cemetery for the Snowball family, located on land provided by Brian Snowball. There is no public access to the cemetery or it's records.
    White Indian Cemetery Seneca County Hwy Q
    Wood County Poor Farm Seneca North of Port Edwards on Seneca Rd
    Fairview Sherry Dairy Rd, South of Sherry. The earliest grave is that of Mrs. Lewis Jacques in 1901.
    Bethany Lutheran Sigel Corner of Swedish Rd and County C
    Christian Reform Sigel Tenpas Road, west of County F Burials starting 1878 through 2007
    First English Lutheran Sigel County S (formerly Bethesda)
    Frid-Hem Sigel Northwest corner of Lundberg Road and County C
    Gaulke Plot Sigel County Road HH
    Griesbach Sigel End of Brookwood Road north of Hwy 13
    Holy Rosary Catholic Sigel Chapel Road North of Town Hall Road
    St. John's Sigel St. Johns Road and Fischer Road Burials 1871 through 2009.
    St. Paul's Lutheran Sigel Seneca Corners, south of intersection of Hwy 13 & Hwy 186
    Two Markers Sigel Corner of County S and Stone Road, along Sigel-Rudolph townline, on property of G. O'Keefe
Twsp City Point
    City Point Twsp City Point North of Hwy 54,and three miles east of City Point. This stone was found in the woods probable near the farm where he lived at the time.
Wisconsin Rapids
    Calvary Cemetery Wisconsin Rapids Hwy 54, northeast of Wisconsin Rapids Joseph Wood donated 25 acres of land for a cemetery in 1874. The acreage was divided into two parcels, one to be used by the Catholic community and the remainder for the rest of the City of Wisconsin Rapids residents.
    Cruikshank Wisconsin Rapids Franklin St at 10th St North J.J. Cruikshank donated one acre of land to the City for a cemetery in 1849. It was abandoned by 1874 and burials were moved to Forest Hill. The first burial was a young man killed in a Saturday night fight in 1850.
This cemetery was used by all people of the area until 1874 and was so crowded the Sexton couldn't find an unoccupied spot. At that time Forest Hill had begun to be used.
    Forest Hill Wisconsin Rapids Hwy 54, northeast of Wisconsin Rapids
    Mound Wood In the Village of Pittsville, on Hwy 80 just south of Hwy 13.
    Old Founders Pittsville Wood 1st ave west of Hwy 80, in Pittsville
    Shegonee Family Wood North off Grant Rd, on Woodlawn Lane, 1/2 mile east of County A.
    St. Joachim's Catholic Wood Pittsville, just south of intersection of Hwy 13 & Hwy 80 In February of 1909, the City Council gave approval for St. Joachim's Catholic Congregation to establish a cemetery in Pittsville.

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